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Tom Smith Swarovski Christmas Crackers | 8 Pack in 2 Colours

(18 customer reviews)

£39.99 excl. VAT

£47.99 incl. VAT

– Red & Green OR Silver

– 8 Cracker Assortment

– Each cracker contains 1 of 8 different gifts

– Each cracker is 14″ (36cm) long

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    Tom Smith Luxury Swarovski Christmas Crackers:

    Enjoy the holiday season with Tom Smith Christmas Crackers! For over a century, these timeless treasures have been an essential part of festive celebrations.

    Each cracker is a delightful surprise, filled with paper crowns, amusing jokes, and charming trinkets.

    The tradition of pulling the crackers brings families and friends closer, creating laughter-filled moments and cherished memories. Whether adorning your table or exchanging them as gifts, Christmas Crackers add a touch of whimsy and merriment to your gatherings.

    Keep the tradition alive and make your holidays even brighter with the magic of Christmas Crackers.

    What are Tom Smith Christmas crackers?

    Christmas crackers are a luxurious twist on the traditional holiday favorite. Infused with elegance, each cracker features the renowned Swarovski crystals, adding a dazzling touch to festive celebrations.

    Crafted by blending Tom Smith’s timeless craftsmanship with Swarovski’s exquisite artistry, these crackers offer a unique experience. Inside, discover opulent surprises like mini crystal-adorned ornaments, delicate jewelry, or keepsake trinkets, elevating the holiday spirit.

    Pulling these crackers not only brings joy but also unveils the allure of Swarovski’s craftsmanship. Embrace the magic of the season with Tom Smith Swarovski Christmas crackers, redefining tradition with a sparkling touch of sophistication.

    Features of christmas crackers

    • Cylindrical paper tube: Christmas crackers are made of cylindrical paper tubes that are typically 12-14 inches long. The tubes are often decorated with festive designs, such as Christmas trees, snowmen, and reindeer.
    • Small toys: Christmas crackers typically contain small toys, such as plastic rings, whistles, and miniature cars. The toys are often themed to the Christmas season, such as Santa Claus, elves, and reindeer.
    • Sweets: Christmas crackers also contain sweets, such as sugared almonds, chocolate coins, and lollipops. The sweets are often wrapped in colorful paper that matches the theme of the cracker.
    • Paper hat: Christmas crackers always contain a paper hat. The hats are typically festive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
    • Loud bang: When Christmas crackers are pulled apart, they make a loud bang. The bang is created by a small amount of gunpowder that is housed in the cracker.

    Types of Christmas crackers

    Christmas crackers come in various captivating types, each a testament to elegance.

    • Classic Elegance: These crackers showcase timeless design, encrusted with Swarovski crystals. From delicate snowflakes to sparkling stars, they bring a touch of sophistication to festive tables. Inside, find crystal-studded jewelry, keychains, or ornaments.
    • Sparkling Ornaments: These crackers double as tree ornaments, combining decoration and surprise. Hanging from branches, they enhance the tree’s beauty. When opened, they reveal delicate crystal ornaments, adding a dash of magic to holiday decor.
    • Collectible Miniatures: Swarovski enthusiasts adore these mini-crackers. Encasing petite crystal figurines, these crackers make for charming collectibles, telling a story of holiday joy and crystal artistry.
    • Luxury Delights: Swarovski indulges in collaborations with gourmet brands, filling crackers with luxurious treats like chocolates or fine teas. They offer an exquisite blend of crystal beauty and gastronomic pleasure.
    • Custom Creations: For an extra personal touch, Swarovski offers custom-designed crackers. Tailored to individual preferences, they exude exclusivity and sentimentality.

    Swarovski crackers redefine the festive experience, intertwining radiant crystals with the delight of surprises. Whether gracing tables or trees, each cracker is a fusion of craftsmanship and holiday spirit, making celebrations truly shimmer with enchantment.

    What is used in Christmas crackers?

    Swarovski Christmas crackers are delightful holiday novelties that contain a charming assortment of surprises. Typically made from decorated cardboard tubes, they’re designed to be pulled apart with a satisfying “crack.” Inside, you’ll find a trio of traditional components:

    • Paper Crown: A colorful paper crown is a staple in every cracker. Donning these crowns during the festive meal adds a whimsical touch and often leads to cheerful laughter.
    • Small Toy or Trinket: Each cracker holds a tiny toy, trinket, or novelty item. These range from keychains and puzzles to miniature games, offering a playful surprise for both children and adults.
    • Joke or Riddle: A slip of paper with a light-hearted joke, riddle, or witty remark is another hallmark. Sharing these jokes often leads to a joyful exchange of laughter and amusement.

    The combination of these elements makes pulling Christmas crackers a cherished tradition, fostering merriment and camaraderie during holiday gatherings.

    The invention of the tom smith crackers

    Christmas crackers were invented in 1847 by London confectioner Tom Smith. He was inspired by the French custom of giving children bonbons wrapped in twisted paper.

    The first Tom smith christmas crackers swarovski were filled with sugared almonds and a small love poem. The traditional paper “pull” of a Tom Smith Christmas cracker is made from gold and silver foil.

    Christmas crackers are a popular choice for corporate gifts and party favors. They are also a great way to bring people together and create lasting memories.

    • Here are some additional facts about the invention of Tom Smith crackers:
    • The first Christmas crackers were made in a small workshop in London.
    • The first Christmas crackers were sold for a penny each.
    • Christmas crackers were originally filled with sugared almonds and a small love poem.
    • The traditional paper “pull” of a Tom Smith Christmas cracker is made from gold and silver foil.


    Swarovski crackers encapsulate the heartwarming essence of the holiday season. From their humble beginnings in 19th-century London to becoming a global tradition, these crackers have a legacy that resonates with the joy of giving, the pleasure of shared laughter, and the beauty of cherished moments.

    As with any beloved tradition, it’s important to stay informed and updated on any changes or advancements beyond the historical scope. Embrace the magic of Tom Smith Christmas crackers, and let the timeless tradition continue to weave its enchantment into your festive celebrations.


    Tom Smith

    18 reviews for Tom Smith Swarovski Christmas Crackers | 8 Pack in 2 Colours

    1. Matthew Lynde

      The Tom Smith 8pk Silver w/Silver plated gifts fully met my requirement. The crackers were attractively presented, the gifts were truly excellent value for money and the crackers added greatly to the enjoyment of our Christmas party. I will buy them again next year without doubt or looking elsewhere ThankYou Directmarts

    2. Leona

      Best crackers! Quality crowns & surprise gifts. Fun jokes. Hope they are available next Christmas. Brought joy.

    3. Britt

      The product is exactly the same. Quality of these is really good. Totally loved them. Will definitely buy from them again.

      Thnx Directmarts…

    4. Leo

      Tom Smith Christmas crackers are the Best crackers for celebrating your Christmas Festival…

      These Swarovski Christmas crackers are the lowest cost from directmarts!. thus checkout & Buy this amazing cracker.

    5. Bob Ritchie

      Swarovski christmas crackers look so special and big I am sure they will be delightful on christmas day and full of lovely surprises. Well worth the money to make the day amazing and memorable with family

    6. Michael Bell

      The whole family loved these on Christmas day, better than the cheap plastic trinkets

    7. Wesley Brown

      I bought this item before Christmas in Costco online, we love it so much and we will buy it again.

    8. Mary Wilkes

      An excellent box of crackers, the best we’ve had for years. All crackers banged & the gifts and hats were very good quality.

    9. Mary

      We have enjoyed the tom smith luxury christmas crackers in the past and are happy to recommend them.

    10. Andrew Sutton

      The Swarovski Christmas Crackers were delivered on time and the service was excellent. Highly recommended!

    11. Mohammad Thomson

      Tom Smith’s luxury Christmas crackers are the best. They are easy to use and have lots of different types to choose from.

    12. Bradley

      Got these christmas crackers and they are beautiful. They catch the light beautifully.

    13. Mason

      The best Tom smith swarovski Christmas crackers I have ever seen. My kids loved the crackers and they even had a good price. I will buy these again for sure.

    14. Charlie Parkin

      I recently purchased a set of Tom Smith Luxury Swarovski Christmas Crackers for my family and I’m so glad I did. Not only do they look beautiful with the delicate Swarovski crystal decorations, but the little gifts hidden inside are delightful surprises!

    15. Jessica Atkins

      The quality of Swarovski crackers is outstanding, ensuring that they will last for years and become cherished keepsakes.

    16. Anthony Williamson

      I’m in love with the Tom Smith Swarovski Christmas Crackers from DirectMarts! The elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship make them a festive essential. The surprises inside added an extra element of joy to our celebrations.

    17. Bradley Black

      I was blown away by the quality and beauty of these crackers. They were the highlight of our Christmas dinner and everyone loved the sparkle they added to the festivities!

    18. Mason Patterson

      What a brilliant idea! These Swarovski Christmas crackers made our holiday celebrations extra special. The gifts inside were a lovely bonus too!

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    Tom Smith Swarovski Christmas Crackers | 8 Pack in 2 Colours
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