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The subsequent sections detail key changes to the team, new product introductions, mergers, and, of course, sales results.

What you won’t find much of in this version We are the exceptional steps that our industry.

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Protector and Gambler

Hair care from Head & Shoulders, Pantene, and Rejoice; epidermis and personal services from Olay, Old Spice, Protect, and SK-II. Razor shaving goods for grooming, Oral care with Crest and Oral-B; Drapery and home care products include Ariel, Powdery, Gain, and Tide housework detergents, as well as Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, and Mr. Clean.

Corporate sales fell by less than 1%. Not terrible when one deems that in 2016.

P&G removed or centralized more than 100 semi brands and decreases the number of classifications in which it works from 16 to 10. P&G’s net income increased eco friendly personal care products.

slightly this year to nearly $10.2 billion by concentrating on 65 brands in 10 groups.


Corporate sales and sales of residence, personal care, and oral care products increased by 1.5 percent. Latin America taken into account for 25% of sales, followed by North America (20%), Asia-Pacific (18%), Europe (16%), and the Continent (5%). (6 percent ). Surprisingly, sales in 2017 were equally divided between developed and developing markets.

An increase in dental hygiene sales in 2017 was offset in part by declines in ranging from home care selling. Personal care sales fell due to lower AP/deo sales, liquid hand soap, as well as body wash sales, which were partly offset by gains in the shower gel and laundry detergent classifications. According to Colgate, the decrease in home care sales was caused by decrease in creation of new business in the hand dish category, which were partially offset by natural sales growth in the liquid cleaning staff and fabric softener categories.

Africa/Eurasia sales have increased by 3.5 percent, owing to currency fluctuations. During the quarter, Colgate retained its toothpaste governance in Africa/Eurasia, with growth in the market in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. According to the corporation, personal care products for female profitable brands. one can make contributing to regional sales included Colgate Antiquity Secrets, Colgate Safe Whitening, Colgate Natural Derivatives, and Colgate Optic White Extra Power mouthwashes, Colgate Zig Zag Charcoal and Colgate Quintuple Activity manual toothbrushes, Palmolive Illuminating Oils shower gel, as well as Protex Herbal bar soap.

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