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Money Tins | Tin Money Saving Box

(28 customer reviews)
  • Money tin weight 112 grams approx
  • Only one supplied
  • Design may vary
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    Product Description:

    Introducing our Pound Note Money Saving Tin Box – your charming companion on the journey to financial discipline and saving for your dreams. With a weight of approximately 112 grams and a unique design that varies, this money tin is not just a practical tool it’s also a delightful addition to your decor.

    The money saving tin is a perfect example of easy to use and safe. The money saving tin has a round, cylindrical design with the imprint of a pound on it. The money tin also has a slot on top of it through which you can slide in pounds and coins. This cheap money box is affordable, safe, and simple in design.

    The money box only weighs around 100 grams and is very easy to carry around and pack. The affordable price but utility factor of the money saving tin makes it very valuable and useful for money. This is the perfect money-saving tip to gift to your kids or friends so they can start saving at home. 

    Product Features:

    • Available in Large and Small Sizes:
    • Design & Shape: 
    • Value Your Money/ Savings: 
    • Purposeful Gift:
    • Retrieval of Money: 
    • Perfect Piggy Bank:
    • Safe And Practical:


    • Quantity -1 
    • Price- £0.79 
    • Weight- 100 grams. 
    • Material- tinplate 

    How-to-Use or Care Instructions:

    Use it in an upright manner and keep it clean by dusting it. You can clean the outer tin by lightly wiping the layer with wet tissue or a slightly damp cloth. You can put your savings money inside every day, and then after a month, you can open up the box to take out all the savings. You can also wait till the box is full to open it. 

    Features and Benefits:

    The slot is big enough to slide in pounds and coins. The money tins box is very lightweight and easy to carry. The money saving tin comes with the print of a pound on it and has a unique design. The tin box is very durable and strong. This cheap money box helps you inculcate the habit of daily money saving.

    Product Details:

    Effortless Savings: 

    • The Pound Note Money Tins Box provides a dedicated space to stash away your spare change, one pound at a time. Watch your savings grow effortlessly.

    Durable Construction: 

    • Crafted with quality in mind, this money tin is built to last. It’s made to withstand daily use and keep your hard-earned cash secure until you’re ready to unlock your savings

    Unique Designs: 

    • Each pound note tin money box comes with a surprise design, adding an element of excitement to your saving journey. 
    • Whether you receive a classic or quirky design, you’ll love the variety.

    Why Choose the Pound Note Money Saving Tin Box?

    In a world filled with digital transactions, there’s something nostalgic and satisfying about dropping coins and notes into a physical savings tin. 

    These money tins encourage you to save your spare change consistently, a habit that can lead to significant savings over time.

    The durable construction ensures that your savings remain protected, while the unique designs make each saving tin special and collectible. Plus, with only one supplied, you can expect a delightful surprise every time you order.

    Money tin has a new and charming representative in the Pound Note Money Saving Tin Box. Its effortless savings approach, durable construction, and unique designs make it a must-have for anyone looking to embark on a saving adventure.

    Order yours today and make saving a delightful part of your daily routine. Your dreams are worth it!

    Barratt Retro Sweets Money Tins 

    Introducing Barratt Retro Sweets Money Tins, the perfect solution for keeping pocket money safe and sound! With six fun and vibrant designs to choose from, these tins are not only practical but also add a touch of nostalgia to any collection. Measuring approximately 145mm in height and 100mm in width, they’re compact enough to fit in a pocket or bag, making them ideal for kids on the go. Get yours today and add a sprinkle of sweetness to your savings routine!

    Endangered Species Money Tin

    Introducing our Endangered Species Money Tins, the perfect blend of practicality and wildlife conservation inspiration. Each tin showcases the beauty of endangered animals, featuring six assorted designs including the majestic Elephant, powerful Rhino, playful Orangutan, noble Gorilla, striking Bengal Tiger, and lovable Panda. Measuring 145mm x 110mm, these money tins provide a secure haven for your coins and banknotes.

    Exotic Birds Money Tin 145mm X 110mm

    Introducing the Exotic Birds Money Tins – a delightful collection of six assorted designs featuring captivating creatures like the hummingbird, parrot, toucan, Mandarin duck, peacock, and flamingo. Each tin measures a convenient 145mm x 110mm, providing ample space for storing coins and banknotes.

    Designed with a coin slot for easy deposits, these money tins are perfect for encouraging both kids and adults to cultivate the habit of saving. Whether saving up for special purchases or thoughtful presents, the Exotic Birds Money Tins add a touch of nature to your savings routine.

    Great Britain Money Tins

    Introducing our Great Britain Money Tins Assorted – a unique and stylish way to save your coins! Each tin measures a convenient 145mm x 100mm, making it the perfect size to store your spare change. With four assorted designs featuring iconic Great Britain themes, these tins add a touch of British flair to your savings routine.

    Jurassic World Money Tins

    Introducing the Jurassic World Money Tins, a thrilling way to embark on a savings adventure! Measuring a compact 145mm x 110mm, these tins come in six exciting assorted designs inspired by the iconic Jurassic World movie. Crafted from high-grade metal, they strike the perfect balance between strength and lightweight portability.

    Kung Fu Panda Money Tin

    Introducing the Kung Fu Panda Money Tin – a delightful and functional addition to your collection! With 6 assorted styles to choose from, each tin features vibrant Kung Fu Panda illustrations that bring joy to fans of all ages. Measuring 145mm x 110mm, these tins are the perfect size to store your coins, bills, or small treasures. The PAN001-065 model ensures you receive a high-quality and uniquely designed money tin. Embrace the charm of Kung Fu Panda while organizing your finances with this whimsical and practical accessory.

    Madagascar Money Tin

    Introducing the Madagascar Money Tin – a delightful and educational solution for cultivating the habit of saving in children! This charming money-saving tin features a vibrant print design, measuring a convenient 15cm x 10cm in size. With its sealable container design, it serves as both a practical and engaging gift for young savers.

    Minions Money Tin

    Introducing our Minions Money Tin – the perfect combination of fun and finance for kids! Measuring at a convenient 14.5cm x 11cm, these sealable containers come in 4 assorted designs that are sure to capture the imagination of young savers. With 48 units per carton, these adorable Minions-themed money-saving tins make for an exciting and educational gift.

    Sterling Money Tin

    Introducing the Sterling Money Tin – your stylish and efficient companion on the journey to financial goals. This sealable container offers a secure and visually appealing way to save your hard-earned cash. Emblazoned with a unique design featuring Sterling paper money, this tin stands at a compact 11cm in height with a diameter of 14.5cm. Its sleek and practical design ensures that your savings stay protected while adding a touch of sophistication to your savings routine. Start your savings journey with the Sterling Money Tin – where security meets style.

    Penguins of Madagascar Money Tin/Box

    Introducing Barratt Retro Sweets Money Tins, the perfect solution for keeping pocket money safe and sound! With six fun and vibrant designs to choose from, these tins are not only practical but also add a touch of nostalgia to any collection. Measuring approximately 145mm in height and 100mm in width, they’re compact enough to fit in a pocket or bag, making them ideal for kids on the go. Get yours today and add a sprinkle of sweetness to your savings routine!

    Royal Mail Money Tin

    Introducing the Royal Mail Money Tin – a unique and practical way to save your coins. Measuring 145mm x 110mm, these sealed tins come in four assorted traditional Royal Mail designs and colors, adding a touch of nostalgia to your savings routine. Each tin can be opened with a can opener once it’s filled with coins, making it easy to access your savings. Whether you choose a single unit or opt for a carton containing 48 units, these Royal Mail Money Tins are an attractive and convenient solution for anyone looking to save in style. Start your savings journey today with these charming and functional money tins!

    Shrek Money Tin Box

    Introducing the Shrek Money Tin Box – a delightful and practical way to save your coins! This hard box is not just a sturdy container; it’s a whimsical accessory featuring assorted Shrek images that add a touch of fun to your savings routine. With a compact size of 145mm x 110mm, this Shrek Money Tin is ideal for keeping your spare change organized. Embrace the joy of saving in style with this entertaining and durable money tin. Be the first to bring home this unique product and make saving an adventure!

    Secret Life of Pets Money Tin

    Introducing the Secret Life of Pets Money Tin – a delightful collection of 6 assorted styles that will charm any fan of the beloved animated franchise. Each tin measures a compact 145mm x 110mm, making it the perfect, portable container to safeguard your savings in a fun and stylish manner. Featuring your favorite Secret Life of Pets characters, these money tins add a touch of whimsy to your financial routine. Whether you’re saving for a special treat or simply organizing loose change, these tins bring a playful element to the world of finance. Embrace the adorable characters from The Secret Life of Pets and make saving money an enjoyable experience with these charming and collectible money tins.

    Personalized Unicorn Money Tin

    Introducing our delightful Personalized Unicorn Money Tin collection, featuring six enchanting designs to make saving a magical experience! Measuring at a perfect 145mm x 110mm, each tin is crafted from high-grade metal, ensuring both strength and lightweight convenience. The whimsical assortment of unicorn designs adds a touch of charm, making saving money a fun and personalized journey. Promote financial responsibility with these sealed tins, encouraging a habit of savings adorably and securely. Choose your favorite among the six assorted unicorn designs and embark on a magical savings adventure with these durable and delightful money tins!


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    We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented on our website. Please always read the labels, warnings, and directions provided with the product before using or consuming a product. In the event of any safety concerns or for any other information about a product please carefully read any instructions provided on the label or packaging and contact the manufacturer.


    1. Can the money tin be easily opened and closed?

    Yes, the money tins can be easily opened and closed for convenience. However, it is very secure, and money is safe inside it.

    2. Is the money tin secure?

    Yes, the money tin is secure yet accessible. The money tin only opens up from one side and can be locked. 

    3. What is the purpose of the money tin?

    The purpose of the tin money box is to keep money safe and help people save money. The money tin is a safe and secure place to start learning how to save money every day. 

    4. Does the money tin come with any warranty?

    No, the cheap money box does not come with any warranty. However, the tin money box is durable and lasts for a long time.

    5. Is the money tin waterproof?

    Yes, the tin money box is waterproof because it is made of tinplate and is coated with waterproof paint. However, the tin money box should be kept upright to protect the money inside.

    6. Can the money tin be personalized?

    Yes, the money tin box can be personalized if the owner wants to. The money box is affordable, and you can personalize it with stickers and markers. 

    7. Is the money tin suitable for long-term savings?

    The money tin is spacious, and you can save a lot of money inside. You can use the money box for long-term savings, too. 

    8. Does the money tin have a slot for easy insertion of coins?

    The money tin has a slot that helps you slide in coins and pounds. The cheap money box is easy to access and has a spacious slot for insertion. 


    Weight 100 g
    Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

    15 x 10 x 10 cm






    Barratt, Endangered, Exotic Birds, Great Britain, Jurassic World, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Minions, Sterling, Penguins of Madagascar, Royal Mail, Sherk, The Secret Life of Pets, Unicorn

    28 reviews for Money Tins | Tin Money Saving Box

    1. Paul Brown

      I did not expect this Money saving tin as sturdy and secure as it was, but it is perfect for saving money. The little stickers are a cute accessory as well. Definitely recommend!

    2. Kieran Taylor

      Excellent tin for saving notes and coins. Light, robust and unbreakable

    3. Ben Moran

      Best money tin, Very cheap and durable! Thank you directmarts

    4. Mamie

      Brilliant product, arrived a lot earlier than I was expecting and great value for money.

    5. Margaret

      The brilliant product arrived a lot earlier than I was expecting and was great value for money.

    6. Judy Dann

      Great product, very handy, may I also note to open you will need a ton opener or a knife, but very good for saving.

    7. Robbie Nail

      Everything perfect, super cans to glue yourself, to open the lids you need a screwdriver or similar.

    8. Nakesha

      I really like that each time I save money it comes with a cool new design. Highly recommended!

    9. Peter Burns

      These are the best money tins I’ve ever bought, they are strong and look amazing.

    10. Holly Douglas

      I’m always looking for ways to save money. I just got this and I am so happy with it! It’s such an easy way to save with no hassle.

    11. Jude

      I just love this tin money saving box. It sets up a good habit of saving money and it is helpful for my budget.

    12. Alisha

      Money tins is a great way to save your money. I am always working hard to make my money and I love being able to throw some of it into a Money tin and know that it is safe.

    13. Brandon Cooke

      The tins are sturdy and durable, ensuring that my children’s money is safe and secure. They are a great way to teach children about saving money and the importance of financial responsibility. Surely recommend!

    14. Leo

      I used to have such a hard time-saving money, but ever since I got Money Tins, it’s become an incredibly easy and enjoyable process. I highly recommend Money Tins for anyone who wants to save money in a fun and stylish way!

    15. Sarah Townsend

      Money Tins has changed the way I save my money. It’s a great way to stay organized and keep track of your finances. The tin is also very sturdy and looks really nice.

    16. Oliver Garner

      I love that the Money tin has a secure lid to keep my savings safe. It’s also easy to open when I need to add more money.

    17. Richard Vanleer

      The Money Tin is a perfect gift for anyone looking to start a savings habit. Its simplicity and functionality make it suitable for people of all ages.

    18. Devika

      Best quality and fast delivery….Thanx

    19. Amelia Douglas

      This Box is Cute and functional! It’s a delightful addition to my savings routine.

    20. Billy Ward

      Absolutely love my Pound Note Money Saving Tin! It’s a stylish and fun way to save up for those special treats. The design is adorable, and the tin is sturdy.

    21. Joshua Banks

      Love my new money tin from DirectMarts! It’s stylish, durable, and the perfect size to stash away those extra savings. Easy to use and a great addition to my financial goals!

    22. Jayden Humphries

      DirectMarts nailed it with this money tin! Super user-friendly, and the clear display makes it easy to track my progress. Saving money has never been this enjoyable!

    23. Elliot Parker

      Super handy money tin! I’ve been using it to save coins for a while now, and it’s been a game-changer. The lid seals tightly, so I know my savings are safe. Really pleased with it!

    24. Kai Greenwood

      Love this money tin! It’s sturdy and secure, perfect for saving loose change. The design is cute and it’s easy to access the money when needed. Highly recommend!

    25. Nathan Chambers

      Such a fun way to teach kids about saving! My little one enjoys dropping coins into the tin and watching it fill up. Plus, it’s durable enough to withstand their excitement!

    26. Kian O’Sullivan

      Exactly what I needed to start saving up for a rainy day. The size is perfect for tossing in coins every day, and it’s motivating to see the tin fill up over time. Simple, effective, and cute design!

    27. Mason Hodgson

      Great design and quality. It’s a stylish way to stash away spare coins.

    28. Morgan Bowen

      Impressed with the quality! The metal construction feels durable, and the lid fits snugly to keep my savings secure.

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