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If one wants to get security for future expenses, money-saving is the best idea. It’s good to start from an early age. Money-saving tin is the best fit for it. 

Let us learn the seven-best money saving tin ideas that will help in emergencies or at the time of retirement.

Below are seven money-saving tin ideas

  1. Some money having tins is made up of papers. These are specially made for children. The manufacturers made these attractive and colorful so that children get attracted to get them. 
  2. Some money having tins are made up of plastic. The best part of it is that if it does not break if it fell by mistake. 
  3. Few are made up of tins. It also lasts long. It is portable also.
  4. Some are made up of wood. It is more pleasant to look at. Sometimes wooden carvings can be seen. It is also portable and last long.
  5. One of the unique money-saving tins is made of clay. It is mainly used in villages. Villagers in most of the houses use this in their homes. They consider this a good sign.
  6. Some are given different shapes like the shape of a book or a house so that it looks more attractive and unique. This kind of box is trendy nowadays.
  7. Some are handmade. People use their creative ideas to make nice and beautiful money-saving tins.


    Some of the benefits of saving money are as follows

  1. To be independent: Saving money makes a person financially independent, even saving a small amount every day. 
  2. Good practice: Saving money is good practice. If this practice, a child starts from a young age, will come to know the value of money. Nowadays, there are different money-saving tins available in the market. These are readily available and budget-friendly also.
  3. Save for emergency: Saving money helps one use this in case of emergencies or sudden need for cash.
  4. Flexibility – One can save money as per their flexibility. It is one of the best ways to take charge of your finances in today’s uncertain economy.
  5. Limits your debt- Having some savings can help determine the amount of debt they have. Savings also help avoid taking emergency loans when urgent situations occur, further limiting existing debt. In case any emergency occurs, savings helps to avoid taking extra debt.
  6. Backup for extra expenses: Savings can be a savior when some additional costs one needs to have all of a sudden. 
  7. Sets a good example: Saving money from your daily expenses can be an excellent example for your children. They will also learn its benefits.
  8. Availability: If one saves money in a money-saving tin or money-saving box at home, it becomes more convenient than the bank. The person knows that the money is always available to them on any day. They don’t need to search here and there for ATMs, nor worry about whether the machine is working correctly or not or even any technical glitch when withdrawing money.
  9. Saving bank fees: If you are saving some money in the bank, you have to pay cash. Keeping the cash at home, we can save this money.


There are some disadvantages also. Following are some of them-

  1. Security: Saving money at home does not give any protection to it. It can have serious risks. The funds can be robbed or even lost.
  2. Easy to spend: Very few people can have reasonable control over savings at home. Most of them tend to spend their savings.
  3. No interest: Saving money at banks has some benefits also. It gives some interest based on your savings. However, keeping the money at home does not provide such a facility.
  4. The problem in transferring money: Sharing a small amount is okay, but a significant amount can be pretty risky and problematic when moving.
  5. Difficulty at the time of travel: If you have a large amount of money in your home, it isn’t easy to travel away. Even if you use a money-saving box, which is also portable, it is still risky to travel.
  6. It is challenging to keep track: It is easier to get a financial statement from a bank anywhere, anytime, but keeping a record and, most importantly, keeping track of your money saved at home is comparatively difficult.
  7. Unable to buy online products: Some websites don’t give a COD option. In that case, purchasing an item online makes it difficult.

We have seen that these money-saving ideas have their advantages and disadvantages. Saving money at home is a good practice. 

For making this, Buy money saving tin or money-saving boxes can be used. All these are available in our nearby stores.

Even we can buy it online also. Let’s start this good practice from today onwards and spread these among others.

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