Connect 4 Card Game

Connect 4 is another amazing paper game to spend some good quality time with your friends. Previously, people used to play these games without anticipating what they could make out of every step. 

But these days, people like strategy games a lot. If you think that strategy games are only computer-based ones, then you are highly mistaken. You can find a lot of strategies available for Connect 4 online. 

If you start playing the game following some of these strategies, you will find the game more interesting. Your winning streak will also enhance, making it profitable for you to play the game on gaming websites. 

In this article, we will decode the strategies for Connect 4 Card Game. This will help you to understand the alleys of the game, and you can start winning more rounds. 

Foresee your opponent’s move

Every good player in every board game can somehow anticipate his opponent’s next move. If you want to win more, you have to concentrate on understanding the strategies of your opponent more than your own. 

Before you go for your turn, think about how he has been playing. This will give you an insight into what his next step can be. If you cannot become a good strategist, you cannot excel at the Connect 4 card game at all. 

Gain control over the middle column

When you gain control over the mid column, you are getting there. In most cases, you will have the upper hand on the game only when you can solve the mid-column successfully. If you can master this column, it can guarantee you a win. 

When you gain control over the middle column, your opponent cannot finish his game. There are seven columns present in a standard Connect 4 classic card game board. 

To get the point, your opponent has to create a horizontal line of at least 4 same-colored discs. If you gain control over the mid-column, he cannot finish his game, and your chance increases. 

Multiple move strategy

When you are playing the Connect 4 card game, you have to plan a lot of strategies in the beginning. Now, plan at least three to four steps beforehand. 

You can also comprehend what your opponent’s steps will be. This will help you make a strategy and follow that winning the whole game. 

Block him in Connect 4 classic card game

Blocking your opponent increases your chance of winning the game a lot. You can use this strategy when you cannot make a straight four-disc row formation of your own. 

When you cannot win the game, make sure your opponent also loses it. You may not defeat him, but make sure that you both end up not winning the game. 

When you see your opponent going to create a straight four-row formation, put a disc of another color and block him mid-way. 

Watch out for the game-ending space in Connect 4 card game

There’s always a game-ending space available in such board games. This space can change the whole game effectively. 

When you Buy connect 4 classic card game and practice on it, try to find these spaces. Once you locate the space, you need to make strategies to reach the space first and fill it anyhow. Moreover, do not play below the game-ending space. 

This will reduce your chance of winning the game and increase your opponent’s chances. Let your opponent block you through the critical space, and you keep an eye on the game-ending space only. 

His mistake is your golden chance in Connect 4 classic card game

When you Buy connect 4 classic card game and practice at home, you have to learn these steps. In a board game, your opponent will make a mistake at some point. 

He will forget to block you and this moment is your golden chance to win the game. Do not miss such spaces and utilize his mistake by converting it into your positive turn. 

Defensive players lose in Connect 4 card game 

In Connect 4 classic card game if you play defensive, you will lose. Defensive playing includes only blocking your opponent’s steps. 

If you concentrate on blocking him only, you will lose the game altogether. Mostly the game will not have a clear winner, and it will be a tie. 

Try to have the upper hand in the game and defeat your opponent by laying offensive from the very first move of yours. 

Practice makes a man perfect

They say this line, and they are not idiots! The more you practice and incorporate these strategies into your game, those will come naturally to you. 

When you play a game, it is not always possible to remember each and every strategy. But if you practice, you can sometimes convert the whole game in your favor. You may force your opponent to choose his turn as per your plan. 


Follow these steps, and this will ensure you a win. The more your practice, these strategies will get incorporated into your game naturally, and you will play like a pro. 

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