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Interior decoration involves great creativity, requiring several eleventh-hour changes and adjustments. 

With Command wall hooks it becomes incredibly convenient to put up wall decors and photographs, whether permanently or for time, without damaging the walls. 

Choose Command Hooks Over Nails And Screws

Command hooks are an excellent choice for decorating the walls of your home. The adhesive of these hooks holds durably to all kinds of surfaces, be it solid, concrete, hollow or painted walls. 

Moreover, these hooks, unlike nails, do not cause any damage to the walls or other surfaces of your home. 

Their firm hold, affordability, and easy removal make these hooks an ideal décor supply for rental homes and PG accommodations.

How convenient is the Command Hooks

  • No damage is caused to the surface for hanging décor items or essential pieces 
  • holds firmly and gets rid of neatly
  • user-friendly, no need for drilling, nails or screws 
  • adhesive bands extend neatly, leaving no holes, spots or sticky deposit
  • Suitable for most smooth surfaces including painted walls, tiles, metal and wood
  • Works on surfaces made of any material such as tile, wood and glass. 
  • Removes cleanly using the 3M stretch-release adhesive removal technology of Command hooks makes it extremely easy to remove the hooks whenever needed.  

Proper step-by-step method of using Command Hooks to spare any potential surface damage:

  • Clean the particular area of the wall with isopropyl abrasion alcohol by rubbing gently. Use of any domestic cleaner such as sprays or wipes must be avoided since these products leave behind a slippery scum.
  • Detach the strips and take away the red liner. Compress the strip at the back of the Command fairy light hook.
  • Push the hook tightly against the surface for nearly half a minute. The more you press, the tougher will be the adhesive bond.
  • In order to get the adhesive to really stick, you need to slide the hook up and off the mounting base.
  • Now put pressure on the base firmly against the surface for another 30 seconds.
  • Move the hook smoothly back on. Let there be an interval of 1 hour before you hang the object on the Command hook. This permits the adhesive of the hook to reach its optimum strength. 
  • Each type of Command hook has its weight limit. You must adhere to that weight limit while hanging anything from the hook. Weight limit for a specific type of Command hook is always mentioned at the back of the pack. 

Command clips and hooks allow easy removal without causing any damage to the surface. 

The steps to follow for a hassle free hook removal are:

  • Hold the Command hook softly in place in a way that your finger does not get hurt. But be careful that you do not press the hook against the surface either.
  • You must not pull the adhesive band of the hook towards you. Rather, pull the strip directly downwards as slowly as possible.
  • While pulling the strip slowly downwards, you must hold your hand next to the surface as you try to remove the strip. As you stretch the strip as much as 30 cm, the hook gets detached from the adhesive strip, without leaving any scar or dirt on the surface. 

Possible applications of Command fairy light hooks

For any festival or celebration like Christmas, New Year, birthdays, weddings or house parties, decorating home with fairy lights is an essential part. With Command fairy light hooks it becomes so handy to put up the bright colorful lights at any corner of the home. 

  • Bright string lights and beautiful fairy lights can be easily hung year round or for seasonal celebrations like Christmas and Diwali
  • You can decorate your hallway, bedroom, kitchen, closets, cupboards, cabinets, car, caravan as well as your office by putting up dazzling fairy string lights with Command hooks.
  • In garden, swimming pool deck, patio and balcony you can use these durable hooks to lit up the areas.

While looking for the best hooks for decorating your home with fairy lights, you must choose hooks that are adjustable and apt for temporary use. 

Command adjustable hooks come as a full set of repositionable clips and hooks curated for temporary and lightweight decorating.

This is the perfect kind of Command hooks you should buy for putting up the fairy lights.

Command fairy light hooks are great choice for aesthetic decorations. These hooks are transparent, thus go really well with the unique and discreet decorations. 

These beautiful and sturdy hooks also let you remove them conveniently once the event is over. 

If you are planning for outdoor decorations with the fairy string lights, go for the water proof and weather resistant outdoor hooks by Command.

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