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Only a few things can come as handy as command hooks. So, if you are someone who likes to stay well organized then you will be stunned at how command hooks can serve you.

Command hooks are very popular among renters and students because they serve as a cost-effective means for decoration. However, there are so many other instances in which these hooks can be useful. 

One can use command hooks for organizing, decorating, and hanging various items in just the right places. So, let’s take a good look at more than 10 ways these adhesive marvels can be used.

Amazing ways to use command hooks

  1. A key hanger

This is one of the most common ways of using a command hook, but it still needs a mention. Several people face the unexpected problem of misplacing their keys when they need them most. 

Sticking an adhesive hook next to the entrance door will let you hang your car and house keys on it and you will never misplace them again.

  1. Let everyone know it’s party time

One can stick a series of command hooks on their entrance door, or window frame and hang colorful banners during Christmas, New Year, Halloween, or any other special occasion and let the neighbors know that there’s a party happening in the house. 

One can also use command fairy light hooks to hang on their Christmas trees and make them bright and shiny!

  1. Wreath hanger

One can use a hook for hanging a wreath on their front door. All you need to do is stick a large adhesive hook upside down on the inward side of your door. Upon securing your hook, loop the wreath’s ribbon around it and drape it over the front of the door.

  1. Scoop through your kitchen supplies

One can attach an adhesive hook to the side of their regular food storage containers. These could be jars that store dry goods such as oats, flour, and sugar. You may hang a small measuring spoon or cup on the hook so you can easily scoop out the goods whenever necessary.

It is a very useful tip for those early morning coffee drinkers who need just the right amount of caffeine to get their day started. You will never have to go searching for the spoon ever again.

  1. Dental hygiene at arm’s length

Hang as many adhesive hooks near your bathroom basin as the number of family members in your household. This way each individual will be able to pick their toothbrush off the hook every morning, brush their teeth, and replace their brushes on their hooks. Choose hooks of different colors so that each member can easily identify their hook.

  1. Avoid tangling cables

If your house is filled with many appliances then you are sure to find yourself caught up in a tangle of cable wires. To avoid a tangled mess on the floor, you must strategically place command hooks on the walls near your television, DVD system, or stereo system so that you can hang the cables on each of the hooks.

  1. For ties and belts

If you are one of those corporate professionals who regularly wears ties and belts with formals, then you must be having dozens of ties and belts in various shades. 

To avoid crumbling the ties and making a mess in your cupboard, hang 3 or 4 hooks on each of the doors of your cupboard. This way, you will be able to hang all of your ties and belts in an organized manner.

  1. Charging cradle

One can hang a series of small hooks next to their most commonly used charging outlet. It must be arranged in the form of a cradle. 

Doing so will allow you to charge your phone while keeping it elevated above the floor or countertop. As a result, no one will accidentally crush your phone while it’s on charge.

  1. Hanging coats and gloves

This is especially useful for people living in cold climates. All you need to do is stick a series of adhesive hooks onto the wall next to your main entrance door. 

Guests and visitors can hang their overcoats onto these hooks while entering and pick them up while they leave.

  1. Shower caddy

People who do not have a mini countertop on their shower window sill can use a command hook to hang their shower caddy onto it. This way you can store your shampoo, conditioner, and soap handily.

  1. Space out your kitchen drawers

The over-clustering of kitchen cabinets and drawers is a common occurrence. One can easily avoid stuffing essential kitchen items by sticking adhesive Command fairy light hooks onto each cabinet door or on the side walls above the countertops.

One can easily hang tin foil and plastic wrap onto each hook and free up space in the drawers for storing cutlery and crockery.

So, make sure you use each of these tips and make your life a tad bit easier with command hooks.

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