From the olden days having clean, polished shoes have been a symbol of the aristocrats. All men and women like to have shiny shoes. Often, a person’s impression is made by his shoes, how clean and shiny they keep them. It can be any occasion your friend’s wedding or interview, the shine on the shoes is an ideal way to show you are well-kept. Also, it increases one’s confidence and boosts their impression. You should Buy the best shoe polish applicator brush to have perfectly polished shoes. I also like my shoe to shine like glass.

Why keeping shoes is important: 

Usually, shoes are made of leather or faux leather. It’s essential to care for leather, or the shoe’s longevity is compromised. The material dries and eventually flakes out and fall from the shoes. If cracks start forming in the shoe, there is no way you can save the shoe from rotting and finally throwing it out. But leaving that a clean shoe can change the look of your outfit. It adds another level of elegance with anything you pair. Before further explaining why it is essential to have clean shoes, let me tell you what you need in your shoe shining kit.

Five tools you need to make your own shoe shining kit:

  1. Shoe Polish: Wax bashed polish to keep the shoe shining and add the correct color of the leather.
  2. Shoe Brush: Most crucial thing is to buy the best shoe polish applicator brush for your shoes to be gentle on the shoes. These are used for dusting away any dirt particles on the surface of the shoe. Also, remember to use a different brush for different colored shoes.
  3. Soft Clothes: Use this to give the shoe a lovely clean swap. You do not need to buy from the market but can also use old t-shirts for this work.
  4. Leather Cleanser: You can remove old hard stains from the shoe using this; it softness the dirt.
  5. Shoe Conditioner: Used to add smoothness to leather and helps keep the shoe soft and not harden up and flake.
  6. Shoe Trees: Helps keep the shoe in shape; though optional, it’s not mandated to have this.

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Types of shoe polish applicator brush: 

  • Goat hair brush: Best used with shoe cream and removes dirt very well.
  • Nylon cloth: You can clean the shoe and remove any excess dirt, and tough mud stuck on the shoe.
  • Horse hair brush: Used with shoe wax and applied to shine on the shoe.
  • Pig bristles: This is the rarest brush used by very few people in Europe.
  • Suede brush: Most commonly used and available in the market. All leading brands sell this kind of brush.

Where to buy the best shoe polish applicator brush:

  • Online: There is a vast deal of brushes available online. You can search and select the best fit for your shoes. 
  • Retail: All significant retailers keep shoe applicator brushes, but you will not find luxury products. 
  • Shoe shop: Curated and luxury brushes are available and customized to one’s need.

Now that you have all the tools and know where to buy them from, let’s share some tips to keep those shoes beautiful and clean.

Always remove your laces before polishing. Do not directly keep the shoe on the surface while working; put it on paper or cloth. The wax can stain the surface you are working on. 

If you own a shoe tree, then place it inside the shoe. Firstly, brush the dust away. Then gently take the leather conditioner on a soft cloth and clean it. Then add the shoe polish, and there you have a nice and shiny shoe.

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